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The Lowdown :: Last Minute Meet

The LowdownThe Lowdown

The boys behind The and Sydney’s uber successful car show ‘Showcased‘ decided to go from one extreme to another.

They’ve gone from organising one of the most hyped and planned events on the calendar to one of the most casual street car meets in recent history.

Their previous work with the Showcased car show saw a multi level car park in Sydney’s CBD get closed off and then filled with the best cars from all over. With months and months of planning in the lead up to the big day and then with less than 48 hours notice, the team decided to get everyone together and opted for something a bit more ‘low’ key.
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Hanging Rock :: Classic Spectacular

Its that time of year again, the hanging rock classic car show has one of the biggest car shows of the year, the amount of cars on display is incredible.

knowing that so many cars would be attending i decided to arrive at hanging rock early, even before i got there a mini car show of its own had sprung up, the main BP truck stop before hanging rock was absolutely full of car clubs pre-meeting before the event. Read more

Shockworks Corona :: South of The Boarder


So just picture yourself in the following situation: Your Dad owns and runs one of the most reputable suspension businesses in the country and specialises in making cars corner faster and smoother. How would you rebel against him and the family business?

Well it would seem that the best way would be to purchase a 1985 Toyota Corona and then taking full advantage of your Dad’s knowledge and his generous parts catalogue to slam it to the ground!!

Jokes aside though, Chris (the owner of this fine piece of machinery) actually works along side his Dad, Brett, for Shockworks. They are a local company pushing the boundaries of what shock absorbers can do in terms of both comfort and performance!

This Corona is just a way for Chris to have some fun.


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ADGP :: All Stars Show

ADGP All StarsADGP All Stars

Australia Day was full of festivities for the GSS team as we had traveled North to Sydney for the ADGP drift festival at Sydney Motorsport Park.

On track entertainment included 16 of the countries best drivers battling it out and you can see more of that here.

But what happens if you get bored of cars being driven on the edge, door to door, on a relatively untested drift track?
Well thankfully the team behind the ADGP series invited the local All Stars crew along to host a car show right next to the action.

The All Stars gang proved once again that Sydney is at the forefront of the Australian modified car scene with the latest trends and ideas taking off here first, long before any other states followed suit…

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