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Haunted Hills :: CCRMIT Christmas Break Up

It is Christmas break up time of year again and the CCRMIT club was lucky enough to score the haunted hills hill climb track for their end of year ‘come and race’ fun day. With a less than desirable weather forecast, things did not look promising. Read more

JDMST :: End of Year 2012


Last Sunday marked the end of year for the JDM Style Tuning Melbourne family and after such an up and down year for these meets, organisers were unsure how another large meet near the city would go.

Thankfully everyone was well behaved and the day was a smashing success!

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GSS x Japan :: Autumn Drift Matsuri

JDM Drift"

Last month, GSS visited Japan for the Ebisu G1GP and Autumn Matsuri for the trip of a lifetime.
I set off in the early hours of the morning for Melbourne Airport, and off we went.
After being awake for over 36 hours, two flights, a lot of waiting, and catching trains, we headed straight for our hotel rooms and called it a day.

The next morning saw some sneaky shopping opportunities, then yet another train ride, which took me way up north into the small town of Nihonmatsu. This was to be our central hub for the next week at Ebisu circuit…
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GSS x Import Monster :: Summerdays and Enginebays

Gripshiftslideimport monster

Just a few days ago with the help of the team at Import Monster here in Melbourne, Gripshiftslide and Co hosted our first event, ever!!

Not really knowing what to expect and also relying on our less than desirable organisational skills, we weren’t holding our breath.

Here is the day through 5 different photographers lenses…
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Classic Japan 2012 :: Bigger, Better, Best!

clubitrintegra type r meet

Classic Japan 2012… What an event!!

This year it was held at Como Park using two full sports ovals, allowing for more than twice the amount of entries than that of last years show. The turnout was absolutely fantastic and the crowd was perfect!!

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