Rexnet :: Dyno day

REXNET forum had decided to host a dyno day for it’s members, after much debate Springy Motors was chosen as the preferred location.
With over 25 cars on the list, limited time and a BBQ to squeeze in, it was time to get these cars on the rollers!

The boys at Springy Motors always make sure the cars are in good condition before they go on the dyno, oil and water checked and boost and vacuum lines inspected.

Many of these Subaru’s look standard on the outside but have some sneaky mods under the bonnet.

There is one at every event a Mitsubishi EVO! It must have known is biggest rival was in town for the dyno day.

From a distance, I spied an interesting straight pipe exhaust!

There is something familiar about this rex! I think I have seen its famous cousin around here somewhere.

All the stickers… but ones missing!

A Luxury ride, STI equipped too! Easily one of the best looking liberty’s manufactured, unfortunately the newer liberty does not hold a candle to this model in the looks department.

Hatch vs sedan… Who will win?

Looks like there is another modified Subaru RS on the scene, so Michael’s “Grip” RS isn’t the only one now.

Great colour choice on these gold wheels, makes this forester totally stand out amongst the regular ‘Foz’ crowd.

That’s not a Subaru! another intruder!

Don’t worry as it’s only the Springy Motors tuned R32 Skyline.

22b right? Nope! It seems I was wrong as many other were too, this is the type X WRX 2 door.

The 22b is a wide body version only found in Japan and a few rare exports floating around, thanks Michael for the heads up!

So many nice STI’s everywhere, this one is just about to get its methanol injection kit set up for some good boost gain and some extra low end power.

From one STI to Another, a very clean example of the 07′ WRX!

Gold is always a good choice for WRX wheels and I really like the cool little roof spoiler!

NA Power!! That’s right with no tune and on the standard computer too! Michael managed to pull the incredible figure from his RS.

So much pretty colour in the engine bay! This engine is finally back in it’s home after being pulled out twice in the last few months. It is running great and will soon have a proper ecu and a rev limiter installed.

Nice and clean de-badge! and kebabhunter sticker too!

This engine bay was so clean that I couldn’t even believe that the car was driven to the event, I looked everywhere for the trailer but this was just how much the owner really looked after his car!

And now for something completely different! An evil looking GT was sitting quietly in the corner of the workshop, with a blower the size of a small car strapped on top!!

Glad to see Michael’s ride on the road again! still considered one of the best Subi’s in the scene.

The leader board, its a little out of orders but check out the 334kw by Simon!

The type X WRX 2 door was so nice! I couldn’t get enough of it!!

This is one well modified bug eye, checkout the laptop in the passenger seat, self tuned and modded!

The guys Looking for the right t-piece to fit so they can monitor the boost of this beast.

For those brave enough to stand inside the shop while the cars were run on the dyno, they were treated to a symphony for the ears!

With the unique sound you only get from the Subaru boxer engine then mixed with the background noise from the Sandown V8 race practice held a short distance away. It was out of this world, my ears are still bleeding!!

Everyone sat and chilled out to digest there BBQ food while waiting to see the next car on the dyno.

One hella modified bugeye WRX! When it comes to Subaru performance Springy Motors knows where its at!

It doesn’t stop at Subaru or even imports for that matter, If you want power they’ll know how to extract it from almost any type of car, checkout the crazy super-charger and quality setup on this ford.

Standard looking Falcon right from the factory?.. Wrong! 2 speed 450kw+ talk about a sleeper!!
You can only just see the inter cooler behind the grill, no one would ever suspect what this car is really capable of out on the street.

A great day and an awesome bunch of Subaru Fans made this dyno day one to remember.

Thanks for looking,
– Grant