JDMST August :: End of The Line?

Trx nissan white180sx nissan modified purple

A few weeks have passed since Melbourne’s last JDM Style Tuning meet, but could it be the last for good?

After some appalling behavior the police were called to the scene and things escalated quickly with the event shut down and people told to go home.

Despite all this we saw some of the best cars Melbourne has to offer, read on to see more…

Nissan trx white lows

The moment we got close to the multi level parking the excitement was high with some music in the distance echoing down the street and a substantial line of cars crawling up the lane way to get in.

Pulling in we spotted a group of Lamborghini’s and even a couple of Ferrari’s so we were expected some quality cars in the car park.

datsun station wagon from above m3

The cars kept pulling in, from the rooftop you could have spent the whole afternoon just watching all the cool cars entering the car park

trx jdm gold wheels

We followed this tidy little Nissan TRX into the venue, this is the first time I have seen one at a meet let alone one this clean!

R33 gtr white jdmst melbourne victoria

After hunting for some exciting cars at the entrance we began our slow crawl up the multi level car park, as we got closer to the stop the music from earlier got louder and louder, expecting to see some decked out car audio display we were pleasantly surprised to see a DJ set up on one of the higher levels belting out the tunes!


Nearly every level there was something worth stopping for, we spotted a group of people huddled around this white 458 Italia surrounded by other exotics and tough euros.

datsun nissan wagon

An old favorite of the GSS team…

datsun 260 station wagon

Heath’s Datsun 260 wagon, apparently since this event Heath has lowered the car a touch more so expect to see some more shots of this in the future!

Z club nissan

On one of the higher levels we found this Z club with a large group all lined up for some shots together, some ranged from stock to the heavily modified.

massive jdm meet melbourne largest numbers hotted up cars

With the estimated number of cars above the 300 mark this was some turnout and with the location the vibe was fantastic!

However the local law enforcement had come to investigate the traffic congestion and one thing led to another and a car was given a defect notice outside the venue…

Things got out of hand after someone from the top level had thrown a bottle down to the street were the police car was parked, this single action ended what was possibly the best event Melbourne import owners had ever seen.

jdm events melbourne

We won’t focus on the bad points but rather take a look at what was achieved with absolutely no funding or support from anyone other than one single person that organized this whole event.

The cars were impressive everywhere you turned, these two ‘stanced’ Accords had a corner to them selves.

With some uber low suspension, how did they even get into the car park??!

Melbourne’s Honda scene is definitely alive and strong, the rooftop alone was littered with dozens of hot Honda’s, this is about the third week in a row we have put up a shot of this green EK hatch! We just can’t help ourselves!!

Meet the boss, this S2000 has been on our site a few times before as well.

It’s all business at the front and party at the back with an all out diffuser and wild exhaust.

The infamous JDM cop car, not to every bodies taste but it does take a nice photo or two.

The boy racers dream, Two racetrack ready MX5’s and an EF8 CRX!

The rooftop provided some great backdrops, unfortunately it also allowed people to get nice and close to the edge which in turn resulted in the incident that caused the police to retaliate.

We managed to snap this bright yellow DC2 Integra slowly approaching the entrance before we were asked to leave, the JDM front is one of the best designs to ever come out of Japan!

We are always on the hunt for more European cars to post on the site, As soon as I saw this matte black RS4 Audi I ran to take some shots of it parking. The cold wintery skyline made the wagon look right at home!

There was a number of Mazda’s hidden in the lower levels, this red FD RX7 stole a lot of looks from the people walking past.

Just one level below the RX7 we grabbed a shot of these two ballin’ MX5’s together, we still can’t un-see the smiley face in the front bar tho.

DR30 Skylines are on the brink of becoming a classic, just a few more years and these will start to skyrocket in value!

This DC5R belonged to Club ITR member David, with a killer wheel combo and carbon bonnet, all on his P’s too!!

There wasn’t as many Toyota’s at the meet but we did see a couple of Supra’s hiding out and quite a few older Corollas.

We have seen Ricky’s Honda Del Sol pop on a few blogs and no one has even mention the fact that it has an EG Civic front end, hats off for pulling off one of the first conversion in the country!!

This black on black R35 GT-R was one of the last cars we got to take a photo of before the police asked us to move on, we look forward to seeing more of these Skylines modified as second hand prices fall here in Australia.

What started as one of the most exciting events also turned into one of the most memorable for all the wrong reasons, with the best range of cars we have ever seen it really was a shame to see it all ruined by a hand full of people.

The future for large car meets in Melbourne will be shaky to say the least, we are still set to host our own show & shine event later this month at Calder Park.

Check our facebook page for more details!

Thanks for reading,

– Gwyn.

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    I just realised the black triangle on the jdm police car probably signifies the peak of mt fuji. Those brilliant Japanese