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Fiat :: Pheasant Creek Catch Up

After driving in circles around Kinglake on the hunt for the cafe meeting spot, I found myself a little lost. That was until I spotted a Fiat, gave chase and luckily it led me straight to the meeting point.
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Meguire’s MotorEx :: All Stars

With the Auto Salon shows now put to bed, Meguire’s MotorEx has stepped up and taken the title as Australia’s biggest car show!

Now in it’s 12th year it is now bigger than ever!

With Sydney Olympic Park as the venue the Dome was filled with custom hot rods and classics and the odd Japanese car or two…

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This meet was weeks in the making and the Club ITR members organised a meet for both EP3 Type R Civics and DC5 Integras.

Bad weather clashed with the planned date (but this is Melbourne, so can we really expect anythign else?) and it was postponed for a few more weeks. So fast forward to the new date and this is what happened…

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Ryan ‘Slide’ Cummings :: Widebody S13.5 Silvia

Ryan Cumings is a name some will know and others are only just beginning to hear about.  However after a very successful year in 2011 and his performance in the 2011 ADGP series in his amazing black S13, he is sure to become a household name.

We managed to catch up with Ryan and his car earlier this year.

Despite our struggle to think of a location we could use for the shoot, given that the car is completely dedicated to track use and is unregistered, we decided what better place to use than the iconic Bolte Bridge in South Melbourne, with loads of room and hardly any attention we moved this black beauty around with ease!

So this is the much anticipated story about Ryan and his wide body S13.5 Silvia…
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Vic Imports :: The Cruise

The Vic Import Club has been a bit quiet of late, with a cruise in the making for the last few months, so it was all set to make a big return.

Only days before the cruise was scheduled to go ahead, the weather started to look grim with rain forecast for the whole weekend!

Over 100 car enthusiasts pressed on though, despite the weather and the turnout far exceeded the amount of cars everyone was expecting.
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The-Lowdown Presents :: Showcased

Last weekend New South Wales stepped it’s car game up and smashed the ball right out of the court! hosted it’s first ever car show, aiming to break the boarders of the online based medium and put on a car show like no other.

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Fed Square :: BMW Showcase

bmw fed squarebmw fed square

BMW Car Club of Victoria end of the month car club showcase at Federation square, with not only old BMW’s but new and well modified ones as well.
The city is the perfect backdrop for this type of event and always a great spectacle for passer by.

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