JDMST EOMM :: Eastern Creek Raceway

JDM Style Tuning held their NSW end of month meet at Eastern Creek WSID. The crowd was amazing and cars followed in continuously all night building up to over 1000 cars easy.

This is Sami Tran’s Slipper Delsol fitted with a JDM K20A. Thought to be the only K-Swapped Delsol in the country and it is pushing 147kw atw. This is one of it’s last memories, as the Delsol has a new owner.

Mitsubishi Evo sitting flush.

Here is Philip’s Corolla Sportivo sitting on xxr 521’s, giving it an aggressive stance and topping it off with the number plate DTF-429.

There were GTR’s at every corner. This one was sitting nicely on some TE37 SLs.

How often do you see a Porsche Carrera 911?

Clean Fairlady Z watching people admire the NSX.

These Supras and R33’s were hiding in the dark. Check it out, they’re so fat!

EVO 8 MR, my dream car.

Love the looks of these EVOs, they all look so clean.

Segio’s Midnight Purple s15.

This one caught my eye whilst I was walking around. This Subaru Impreza STI with the plates EVOH8R looked great, and it was parked next to two Mitsubishi EVO’s – ever better!

Clean Mitsubishi EVO sitting next to a Skyline GTR.

This Silvia S13 was fat as and the dish makes the car look so complete. What do you guys think?

A family of Nissans, a clean R34 alongside an  S13 and S14.

This meaty Supra was deafening the crowd with it’s two-step, it was definitely one of the highlights of the evening!

Attracting some attention on the night was Top Secret’s R32 GTR.

Power Tune Nissan Skyline R34 with a RB26 stroked to 2.8l pumping over 600kw atw!!

Had a quick chat with the owner of this Civic. It has an all motor B20 sitting inside running 13’s on the quarter mile with full trim and street tyres. Definitely looking forward to this one in the future. The owner mentioned something about putting in a dart block too!

Thanks to Justin Fox and the team at JDMST/Zen Garage, Top Secret Imports (TSI) and Fernando Wiehrl (Project D Drift School).

Thanks for reading,

– Simpson


  • Dave012

    Great photos mate! Hassy’s Delsol in 2008 had a K20a. Whether or not it’s still around is another question!

    • Gwyn.

      This car got shipped down to Melbourne, believe it or not the car was then stripped with much of the engine and parts making its way into a classic Mini.

      • Sam

        Yup im the owner of the White Delsol , the KPRO ECU from Hassy’s Delsol which was a K24 went into my white delsol pictured lol, So yes it is currently the only Delsol K Series in the country

        • Dave012

          Bit of a small world then! Saw hassy run his old Delsol at Qld jamboree, did quite well too. What wheels are you running Sam, are you on CRXAustralia?

          • Sam

            They just sportmaxx wheels, was planning on buying Work Meisters Gold Centres 15″ +20 offset had a limited budget so i went with a full tune and 3 inch exhaust upgrade instead, ive recently sold it now, so hopefully new owner mods it up nice. Yes im on crxaustralia but not really active there.

  • illblack

    That s13 looks awesome

  • Michael

    yeah b20’s go hard aye mate had a da9 integra with one in it lol (as a tru honda driver would say) beat some turbo’s and it wasnt even vtec… thing had a potential til he wrote it off