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JDMST EOMM :: Fun With The Lights Off

Melbourne had another record turnout for the April JDMST end of month meet. Everyone who made it out had a great night and the cars were better than ever!

This was the first ever meet held at the Essendon DFO carpark. Aside from the lights being on an auto timer and people getting a bit lost it was a fantastic night out.

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Mighty Car Mods :: Mighty Melbourne Meet

Earlier this month Melbourne played host to a Mighty Car Mods meet and with a massive turnout expected, both Marty and Moog came down to see what the Victorian car scene had to offer.
Rather than our usual running commentary we thought we would take the opportunity to catch up with Marty and ask him a few questions about the show and cars in general.

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Against The Grain :: Stanced NX Coupe

Building a car for your own taste is hard these days, trying to build it to someone else’s taste is probably even harder.

Considering the majority of the import scene at the moment has gone down the path of ‘stance’ and ‘road-presence’, makes the task of standing-out that little bit harder too.

Having said this, JDMST meets and the like are attracting cars on such a huge scale now that the law of odds clearly states you are going to see something that catches your eye.

I guess in this instance from my own personal taste, this little NX had 100% of my attention.

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Vic Drift :: April Members Day

Winton Raceway was once again host to another Vic Drift practice day, being a members only day you have to hold a current club membership to be able to enter.

I believe the popularity of drifting in Australia is finally on the rise. After seeing the amount of cars entering and supporting the club, we are in for a good future.

With so many people traveling 2-4 hours and spending their hard earned just to drive on a practice day, it is a very good sign, not just for the Vic scene but Australia-wide as well.

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VW Cruise :: Melbourne’s Euro’s Come Out To Play

Recently I attended an early morning starting point for a local Volkswagen cruise through the hills, the meet point was only 10 minutes from home so I had no excuses not to rock up and take some snaps.

Except it was at 7:30 in the morning, on a Saturday… and I had a wedding to get to!! This did not deter me though.

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Toyota :: Stivoness

sportivo docklands shoot

Toyotas! Yes! Finally we have something other than a Honda on the site!
The Corolla Sportivo is one of those cars you don’t necessarily associate with performance. Read more

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Spotted :: Civic First Gen

first gen civic good condition

It’s not everyday that you see a classic like this on the road but I was lucky enough to spot this car and chase it down to grab some very quick snaps of this well preserved Civic. Read more

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JDMST EOMM :: End Of Summer

Well another JDMST end of month meet done and dusted! Melbourne pulled out all the stops for another impressive turnout.

With over 360 car in attendance that’s a record turnout for the recovering Melbourne car scene, with hoon laws and a defects at an all time high for the garden state. It just goes to show the level of dedication these car nuts have…

Here is Johnny’s tough as nails Corolla still wearing it’s group sticker from the recent Drift Matsuri here in Melbourne.

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Scrapin’ Dub :: MK1 Golf

This is the story about George and his first true love… The Volkswagen MK1 Golf.

The story started when George was just 15 years old, clicking away on Ebay he stumbled across a less than desirable example going for a low price.

A few bids later and $1800 out of his savings, George and his father made the trip up to Sydney with a borrowed trailer to collect the car.

The 2000km round trip was done in one day without any sleep!!

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XXL2NV :: Hyundai Time Attack Car

What simply started as a tuned street car soon ended up a dedicated track monster.

Built by the crazy lads from Team Tuffcore, this Hyundai is going to shake things up this year on the professional time attack circuit.

Everything you see here is built by the boys themselves, no workshops, no help, just blood, sweet and hard earned dollars.

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