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Drift Matsuri :: Hot As Hell

Vic Drift Summer Matsuri is over and I’m crashing back into reality as I type this post. It was a monumental weekend of skids and epic heat, but I’m sure it has taken it’s toll on everyone involved and maybe even taken some years off our lives. Fortunately, most of us did more ‘living’ in two days than most do in several years!

Held at Winton Raceway around 3 hours from Melbourne, the event was spread over two days and let me tell you, it’s one hell of a weekend! With drivers from all over Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, it was absolutely packed on the track with up to 150 cars taking part over the two days.


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What seemed like a normal JDM Style Tuning meet soon became one of the biggest meets in Melbourne, with recent meets seeing as many as 100 modified cars this one doubled that figure and then some!

The monthly meets are becoming quite the event and each one is like a car show. At every meet everyone walks around and checks out all the other cars instead of just standing next to their car giving everyone strange looks.

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Random Snap’z :: XKR jaguar

xkr jaguar side profile 2011

Sometimes things just appear, just like this XKR Jaguar that happened to park 20 meters away from my house.
I was surprised because I had only ever seen these at the motor show and you occasionally see Lambo’s and Ferrari’s around but not this type of Jag.
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R34 GT-R :: Nur Spec

This is one of the last R34 GT-R Skylines ever made, with a build date of 2003, it is one very special car.

As the R34 line was approaching it’s end manufacturing date at the factory in 2002, Nissan decided to make a limited release of only 1000 more called the ‘Nür’ after the famous Nürburgring racecourse in Germany.

These final cars are host to several improvements to the already potent package that the R34 GT-R offered from factory.

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Hanging By The Rock :: The Japanese Contingent

Waking up at 6am was not what I signed up for on a Sunday morning…

Arriving at Hanging Rock at 9am, it was all starting to come together though.

With well and truly over 1000 cars on display it has to be one of the biggest events on the Australian automotive calendar, I must have been living under a rock all these years to have not known about this (no pun intended!).

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Invite Only :: Honda Meet

Two weeks ago I was invited to a Honda only meet, what was going to be a lazy Sunday evening at home turned into a busy night of moving cars and taking a few hundred photos as the sun set over Melbourne’s docks.

Organized by a few friends and an attendance list of only 20+ cars, it was quite the surprise with over 60 cars in total!

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Hey Charger :: Show N Shine

Yes the Charger is still alive and kicking! One of Australia’s favourites was on show at Caribbean Gardens market with 30+ cars assembled for a show and shine of metal and chrome. Read more

Dub-Stitute :: VWWatercooled

dub vw water cooled

Sure to be the biggest VW and stance show of this year Dub-Stitute was a massive hit!
With over 100+ cars and blazing sunlight, everyone came out to see some incredible machines. Read more

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