JDMST :: That Time of The Month

Saturday night was the first JDM Style Tuning Meet for the year and so I eagerly headed out straight from work to the Bolte bridge.

I usually end up getting to these things pretty early and this time was no exception.

I was nearly an hour early and the sun was already starting to set, this wouldn’t normally be a problem but I had left my tripod at home!

With only a handful of cars at the meet, I wondered if it would just be a small gathering. Regardless, I started snapping away at this AWD Mitsubishi Verada.

Now i have never seen one of these ‘tastefully’ modified so this was a very fresh experience.

Not long after the official start time some of the ‘Drift’ kids from the west had arrived.

Some of the most simple and clean rides in the state, you really don’t need to go crazy modifying your cars’ appearance to make something stand out!

One car that has really dropped in popularity with modifiers is the Toyota Soarer, that is almost certainly a good thing as we now have examples like this running around.

Every bodies favorite… Frush!

This meet was full of surprises, this was no mirage it was indeed a nicely executed Mitsubishi Mirage!

One of only two rotary’s attending, one very sexy black FD RX-7.

The meet was gatecrashed by a few cars from Tasmania, including this tasty Supra and an Evo.

I would be hard pressed to pass up a Nissan Gloria, one of the best VIP cars to come out of Japan.

Perfect fitment!

And a perfect badge!

Everyone had sufficient tofu supplies thanks to this awesome little hatch.

Boosted coffee! This tough little Suzuki got quite a lot of attention when it arrived, thanks to a flutter from it’s BOV.

Classic Toyota’s are easily the most gorgeous cars to come out Japan pre 1980’s.

Fenders mirrors are also a must for a Japanese classic!

After much deliberation… I have decided this is my favorite Civic coupe in the state!

The EM1 is one of Honda’s best shaped Civics, add some nice wheels…

…Suspension and drop it on the ground, you have yourself one incredible looking car like this one!

Here is a wheel choice I have never seen in 4 stud before, TE37SL finish this VTI-R Integra off pretty damn well!

It’s not how you stand by your car… This EG Civic was sitting very, very low!

Loved the plates, all eyes were on these girls.

One impressive little car was this Daihatsu, bagged and all!

As much as the fitment and stance kids are against airbag suspension, it really is a practical  solution for a street car.

Unfortunately this car got some unwanted attention on the way home, the car received a defect notice from the highway patrol.

Another Civic ticking all the box’s.

Theses wheels look great on nearly anything.

Can’t help but have some ‘P’ plate envy towards this cars owner, my first car was a rusty bucket compared to this clean Accord.

There was quite the variety of cars with a couple of rare ones like this Nissan Micra.

Loving the Hot Wheels sticker!

Even more Civic goodness, this perfect ED sedan was putting it’s roof racks to good use.

Bringing along a custom bike to the meet.

I don’t really understand what goes into these bikes, whenever I see one I just can’t look away!

One Civic to separate the masses. One of Honda’s best performing hatches with a form over function approach to modifying .

It certainly is different and that’s never a bad thing in the sea of  modified cars.

JDM front Integras aren’t new, but I’ve never seen one in yellow before and it was like falling in love all over again.

Hands down this 180SX stole the show during the night, making an unmistakable racket….

Sporting a Toyota V8 swap!! This would be a lot of fun to drive around and see the confusion on the faces of passers by.

Not long after the last car squeezed in under the bridge the light quickly faded.

There are talks of another location for next months meet, as this one is quickly filling past it’s capacity.

Another great night for Melbourne’s modified rides, there really is something for everyone at each meet.

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Thanks for reading,

– Gwyn.

  • Andy

    Thanks for the pics of my V8 Sileighty!! You sure did capture some great pics at the meet!! well done!!