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JDMST :: That Time of The Month

Saturday night was the first JDM Style Tuning Meet for the year and so I eagerly headed out straight from work to the Bolte bridge.

I usually end up getting to these things pretty early and this time was no exception.

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Imports Only :: Saturday Night Cruise

Two weeks into the year and things are already back on track for Melbourne’s modified car community, with several meets and events coming up in 2012 it is going to be one hell of year!

Over the Christmas/New Years break it was nice to relax but I couldn’t get rid of the itch that something was missing. So whilst enjoying a meal at a friends place Saturday night, I got a message that a cruise was happening and the turn out was likely to be pretty decent.

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Double K’s :: Back Problems?

This is the story of Nity and his black FD1 Civic.

Having purchased the car brand spanking new from factory, it didn’t stay stock for very long… with new shoes and even a turbo charger going on before the factory warranty was up! Read more

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