Autoclassica 2011 :: No expense spared

e type jag bonnet up

With more cars than you could poke a stick at, Autoclassica was truly a classy show. “Bonnet to the ground” you know you’re in the presence of a show stopper when the bonnet is almost as long as the entire car.

rare mustang, autoclassica 2011

Super rare mustang! Looking tough for the big show.

80s indy car

1980’s formula 1 car in amazing condition, this machine was impressive!

in case of emergency

Now you know what to do in case there is a ‘fire’ do not just drop and roll, lift and push to kill the fire!

extreamly rare car

This extremely rare car was in the price range of $40,000 – $60,000

another old porsche

A Porsche 356 Super coupe, yet another super rare car. This is one of my favorite Porsche’s, it still looks outstanding 60 years after its creation.

another old porsche

Straight from Hollywood, the fastest production car of its day. This 300sl is a futuristic car from the 1950’s – as iconic as coca cola.

le-mans car

Yes, it’s really one of those cool matchbox cars in the flesh! Le mans car’s are really the thing of dreams!

porsche 906 le mans car

In 1966 the Porsche 906 placed 4-5-6-7 in Le mans, in 2011 it visited Melbourne.

large crowd at autoclassica 2011 melbourne

Autoclassica – with so many cars worth so much money in the one place it was easy to see why there was such a large crowd!

Rothmans le mans car

Rothmans Porsche 956, a true down force machine.

Rothmans le mans car

This was by far the largest two door car in the show!

convertible alfa

Spotted this lonely Fiat Dino not getting much attention, it is a shame there were so many cars that this one got overshadowed.

e-type jaguar

Another nice e-type Jaguar.

old rare ferrari

I think this is a Ferrari but I’m not sure?! It was jammed against a wall near the back of the show…

carrera porsche

When I think of a Porsche this is what comes to mind! Maybe this is because I was born in the 80s!

formula 1 old school

1960’s formula 1 cars are so small and low to the ground!

holden concept car hurracane

The draw card of the show, this Holden Hurricane concept car was saved and restored for the show.

holden concept car hurracane

The Hurricane was equipped with a “retro-GPS” that used magnetic signals built within the road, it also had a wide-angle reverse camera!

bmw touring car

I miss cool looking touring cars, v8 super cars are boring.

old jag

Is that a ‘light switch’ in the car and a pair of goggles? This car means business!

old ferrari

bird hood ordament

Is this a swan or an Ibis? Whatever it is, it is a strange choice of hood ornament!

aston martin vantage

I never knew that the Aston Martins used to look like a Mustangs.

chrome car

You don’t see many chrome looking cars. I’m liking the covered rear wheels.

large impalla

Classic not plastic!

citoren ds, goddess

The Citroen DS, ‘goddess’ had hydropneumatic suspension, this car could be dropped on its guts at the push of a button.

buick gts

Autoclassica 2011 was huge! So many cars! It was great to see so many people enjoying these
well preserved pieces of history! With all this car evolution in one place it was hard to concentrate.
We at gripshiftslide can only hope that next years show will be even bigger!

– Grant

  • Frans

    The yellow Alfa is a Fiat Dino!!

    • Anonymous

      oops, thanks for the heads up, all fixed now.