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ADGP :: Round Two, Day 2.

Well back for another day! “Thank-you baby jesus” I uttered as I approached the entry gates for the sunshine bestowed on us. Already you can probably sympathise with the stupidity in that statement once we all left the track after 4pm with a tan line for life. I decided to kick my morning off in the pits, mainly because it was the least distance to walk (come on who wasn’t hung over?) Read more

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ADGP :: Round Two, Day 1.

Well it’s been quite a long time between drinks for me I must admit. But when Gwyn from Gripshiftslide asked me to go out and have a look at the new competition in Australian professional drifting, well that’s as good excuse as any to come out of retirement. Although mother-nature decided she would throw a few curve balls my way with ominous rain and intermittent cloud cover just to make it that little bit harder. Read more

Random Snaps :: Small Honda Meet

illest sticker honda euro accord australia

It went from a large meet to being a small group due to the poor weather and unforeseen construction zone. This was going to be a big sixty plus OzHonda meet, plans fell through but a backup meet was quickly organized.. Read more

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