r35 time attack big wing

WTAC 2011 :: Aero the key to speed


The differance between WTAC 2010 and WTAC2011 is every one now has a bigger spoiler! Everyone seems
to be sporting serious aero. Big downforce means faster times, take Advan/Hi Octane Racing with a
1;34.1090 in 2010 and this year they managed to get there time down to 1;31.9050.

scortch racing

Advan seem to have there name everywhere this year and for good reason with at least three cars in the top ten
they have reason to celebrate.

advan lotus wtac

This lotus driven by Warren Luff was on the edge every time i saw it. The aero scraped on all the deep corners and the front splitter sat only centimeters off the ground.

qscan r35 wtac

This R35 Skyline was packing some major aero, Mercury Motorsport had two r35’s at WTAC, this was in my opinion the better looking of the two.

morpowa s15 wtac

Aero matters, Simon Podlewski from Morpowa Racing knows this with a 2nd in open class. This car moved well around the track and often looked like it was going faster than some of the bigger boys in pro class.

s13 mca wtac

The most creative and unique aero award goes to MCA Suspension S13, this thing was huge and often looked like it wanted to take flight. Im not sure if all the aero works but it sure looked cool see more on the build of this car here.

– Grant