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Spotted :: Double Trouble

Walking through the car park at this years World Time Attack, I found these two aggressive looking Sprinters. Something about matching modified cars gets me all excited…

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Spotted :: vw scirocco

vw scirocco

Random snap at WTAC carpark, i managed to sneak a few pics of this vw scirocco that was hiding alongside many other nice spectators cars. This car defiantly has style, its the first one i have seen on the road  this year i hope too see more.
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WTAC 2011 :: Aero the key to speed


The differance between WTAC 2010 and WTAC2011 is every one now has a bigger spoiler! Everyone seems
to be sporting serious aero. Big downforce means faster times, take Advan/Hi Octane Racing with a
1;34.1090 in 2010 and this year they managed to get there time down to 1;31.9050. Read more

WTAC: Show Stands, Show Cars and Show Stoppers

Time to shift the limelight to the cars that weren’t on the track. One of the most impressive is this unfinished ‘Drift Hilux’ build by Nigel Petrie. Amazing that I had to jump on a plane to Sydney to see this in the flesh, rather than the short hour plus drive to Geelong here in Vic.

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