You know something serious is happening when they shut down an entire street! Why? Because Saint Side that’s why! John street in St Albans is the location and with help from vendors, volunteers and Brimbank Council the party was on.

Along with the lowriders, cruisers, and vintage bikes were a special selection of cars handpicked especially for the show. Karl’s KE10 Corolla from the infamous JVN Garage was in attendance and looking sharp.
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Saint Side :: Annual John Street Show and Shine 2016

Indie games have been on the rise in the last five years, in 2015 we saw some great racing games released from major studios. Games like Project Cars and Need For Speed[2015] have dominated the genre. Yet there is a new player in this arena! A game that has been developed not by a team of hundreds but by one man. Yes that’s right! The game goes by the name of (Drift Streets Japan) and it will cost the grand sum of $6.99 USD. Read more

Drift Streets Japan :: A world of addiction

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Osaka AKDP STI ForesterSubaru STI Forester

The Subaru Forester is a simple car, it takes the handling and safety of the Impreza’s renowned 4wd system and throws it into a mid-sized practical family wagon/crossover. Mix in some of the rally bred DNA from the Subaru STI range and you’ll get a punchy turbo 2.5l boxer engine equipped car that is a far cry away from the standard round-trip to school, A to B affair you’ll find in most families driveway.

To Sumida-san this 2004 Subaru Forester made the perfect blank canvas and his favorite brush to use on it was the ‘lowering brush’…

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AKDP :: Sumida’s STI Forester

They say practice makes perfect! Although when the track layout gets changed and new obstacles get introduced things get interesting. Drift Challenge Australia was back again to take over the Thunderdome! With big names like Matt Field, Chelsea Denofa and a host of Australia’s best drivers. Luke Fink has taken DCA all over Australia and the brand is starting to gain momentum with help from our friends at Vicdrift DCA is really starting to pull bigger crowds.

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DCA :: Walls festival

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In the early 1960’s there was not a great variety of small cars available for the Australian market until the influx of Japanese imports that is. Datsun really lead the way at the time and for good reason! Their cars were ahead of the time in design and reliability. Launched in the 70’s the 610 Bluebird-U was a stand out model with all the ‘mod cons’ of the time.
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The bird is the word :: Bluebird U

Fun2Drive NSX GTR HakosukaJapan NSX GTR Hako

I’m not one to jump in the deep end, yet here I was on my first ever overseas trip, two hours from Tokyo, standing in front of a rental car shop.

There were no boring hatchbacks or sedans in front of me, no, these cars weren’t your standard A to B affair. I was at a shop called Fun2Drive and all the cars on offer here were straight out of my boyhood dreams.

Have you ever wanted to drive a GT-R, RX7 or an NSX for a day? This is the place to come!

Having driven less than 3 hours in Japan in total at this point, the nerves were setting in. What had I done? Signing the insurance paperwork, I worried if I had bitten off more than I could chew…

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Fun 2 Drive :: Meet Your Heroes

Andrew hawkins and his entire crew were back at the dome for the first round in the new 2015/16 season for the Australian Drift Grand Prix. Running the Formula D layout at Calder park Thunderdome is truly the best format for this track, high-speed entry’s elevation changes plus a super tight section. Read more

ADGP :: Round 1 – The Dome

It’s been a while since we have attended such a big car meet! Held in docklands Victoria, in a spot where only three years ago the police blocked off the road, car park and all exits to create a massive defect station. Thankfully that did not happen this time around.

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MCM mini meet #25 :: Docklands Undercover

Nic Wilson Drift BuildJZX100 Drift Build

Nic Wilson is no stranger to professional drifting, nor to the ever capable Toyota JZX chassis. Competing both locally in Australia and abroad in Japan year in-year out, Nic has built a reputation for throwing these sleek Japanese sedans sideways with his trademark aggressive Australian style. Now with the clock ticking Nic is in the midst of a brand new drift build of exceptional quality.

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Nic Wilson’s Drift JZX 100 Build :: Part 1

Custom Chevy C10Jap Chevy C10

In one of the most densely populated countries in the world, space is the greatest commodity. Modern Japan has been shaped in every way around making the most of every inch, from towering buildings to automated parking lots. So with space in such high demand, Japan gave birth to the Kei car. Tiny cars with engines less than 660cc in capacity.  They’re everywhere and everyone driving them enjoys cheaper taxes as a reward. If you want to make a statement with the car you drive, then there’s endless choices of sports cars, big saloons, European cars and even exotics.  With so many cars and so many people, standing out in the crowd and expressing yourself can be a difficult task.

Meet Hiroyuki’s 1977 GMC C10 Pickup, it’s big in Japan… No really it’s huge!!
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Hiro’s Big 8 :: Chevrolet Pickup

Daikoku Futo PA CimaJapan Daikoku Futo PA

After 36 hours in Japan we finally hit up some car action at none other than Daikoku Futo PA! This tiny car park in the middle of a man made island in the Yokohama harbor is a thing of legend. If you’re into Japanese cars chances are you’ve seen more than a few photos from this location. Here car owners from different walks of life all gather and soak up the experience that is Daikoku Futo any night of the week and during the day on weekends.
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Japan Day 2 :: Daikoku Futo PA

Japan trafficJapan Ferrari

The sunlight of day 2 began peaking through the hotel curtains, like a kid on Christmas morning I was too excited to sleep in. This was our second day of the trip and the plan was simple… Do some exploring, catch a train to Yokohama and get our rental car. Easy!

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Japan Day 2 :: The Night Life.

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Japan trafficJapan GTR

Thanks to a spur of the moment ‘impulse buy’ plane ticket to Japan 3 months ago, I’m now writing to you from my very first night in Japan. In fact my very first night in another country all together!! Read more

Invading Japan :: Day 1

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